StarryNift l A New Most Popular Airdrop!

StarryNift Airdrop

StarryNift, a cutting-edge Web 3.0 platform, blends gamification, massive collaboration, and virtual worlds to offer engaging digital collectible issuance and trading. 🚀

With $10 million in funding from major entities like OKX, Alameda, and Binance Labs, the platform introduces token economics, reserving up to 10% for initial airdrops to NFT holders, active users, and ecosystem supporters. 💰🌐

Steps to qualify for an airdrop: 🌟

  • Fulfill tasks on the main site ✔️
  • Fulfill additional tasks on the Galxe website ✔️🌐

Additionally, we will undergo a testnet phase. 🚀

Scroll down to familiarize yourself with the airdrop steps one by one. 📜👀