WormHole l Unique Potential Airdrop!

WormHole l Potential Airdrop

Wormhole is a blockchain connectivity platform that facilitates the secure expansion of user bases and market shares for various companies and applications in the decentralized web. 🌐🔗🚀

It is an open-source development platform focused on connecting the decentralized web. 🤝💻🌐

As for the airdrop, there is no confirmed airdrop information available for Wormhole as of now. 🚫📬

However, there are speculations that Wormhole may soon release its own native token for transaction fees or introduce a new version of the protocol. 🤔🚀

The activities we will perform in this article 📝🤓

  • Interacting with a bridge from WormHole 🌀🚀
  • Performing tasks on Zealy 🤖💼✨

Scroll down for a step-by-step guide 📜👀