NFPrompt – Make Your NFT And Get Airdrop

NFPrompt Airdrop

NFPrompt is an AI-powered user-generated content (UGC) platform 🤖🌐 designed to support the next wave of Web3 content creators. 🚀

It leverages AI to enable the creation of NFTs 🎨💡 and provides a transparent and fair atmosphere for NFT growth and recognition. 🌐🌟

The NFPrompt project also offers a synthetic token, $NFP, used for various platform activities, including earning rewards through daily logins, referrals, minting NFTs, trading volume, and more. 🚀💰

NFPrompt has announced an Airdrop with 100 million (10th part) of $cNFP tokens. 🎉💰

You need to participate in:

  • Events (OAT campaign, Discord events, etc.) 🎉📅
  • Wallet activity (credit system, etc.) 💳📊
  • Visible NFT creation, as well as interaction and social visibility 🖼️🌟
  • Sybil wallet activities will be filtered 🕵️🔒

To participate in the airdrop, our community recommends following the tutorial below step by step. 🚀📈

A Step By Step Guide

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