QnA3 – New Generation Of Airdrops!

QnA3 - Make Your Airdrop!

QnA3.AI is an AI-powered Web3 Knowledge Sharing Platform that aims to provide accurate and reliable information in the field of cryptocurrencies 🤖🌐💡

QnA3.AI offers an airdrop program where users can earn credits by performing tasks such as: 🚀📈

  • Daily check-ins 📅🔍
  • Asking questions ❓🤔
  • Voting on answers 👍👎
  • And referrals 🔄🔗

These credits can be exchanged for QNA tokens upon launch. 💰🚀

Below, we’ve outlined a tutorial on how to navigate and acquire loans step by step 📝🔍

A Step-By-Step Guide

Connecting a wallet

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